Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center

Family-School Relationships: Concepts and Premises

This paper addresses four areas the authors have identified as being the dimensions of the family-school relationship. They are: the philosophical or conceptual basis for family-school relationships, family involvement, social-emotional and community-based support, and information, education and skill development. For each area, the authors propose a number of premises or beliefs derived from a selective review of the literature; these represent a starting point for "what we know" about the area. The four areas were specifically chosen as most likely to directly inform thinking about family-school relationships.

This is a Sharing Ideas paper. The “Sharing Ideas” series comprises working or occasional papers of interest to parents and professionals working with deaf and hard of hearing children. Works in the series are often prepared for a specific ‘occasion’ and include papers, presentations, or final reports that address a need in the field or contribute to the growing body of knowledge about educating deaf and hard of hearing children. The intent of the series is to act as a clearinghouse for sharing information from a number of sources.

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