Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center

Test of Relational Concepts: Norms for Deaf Children

Author: Nellie K. Edmonston and Nancy Litchfield Thane

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The Test of Relational Concepts is an individually administered test that quickly and easily identifies deficits in the understanding of relational concepts, including spatial, temporal, and quantitative concepts in preschool- and elementary-age children. The manual and picture book give background information on the test and information on how to administer it. The accompanying Test of Relational Concepts: Norms for Deaf Children is the only child-concept test on the market with norms for deaf children. These norms provide standards for evaluating relational concept comprehension of deaf children and for identifying remedial needs in this area. Individuals responsible for evaluating factors related to deaf children's development of language and literacy will find this manual and test materials helpful. The Clerc Center is the sole source for these invaluable test materials.

Three-book set: Test of Relational Concepts, Norms for Deaf Children, and Picture Book