Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center
What’s Happening in the Young Scholars Program? This year’s Young Scholars Program (YSP) students are participating in one of three academic programs: Computer Explorations, Performing Arts, and Visual Arts. All students also take part in Personal Discovery, which is an outdoor adventure program. The YSP runs from June 24-July 21.

Students in computer explorations are learning Web Page construction, computer aided animation and robotics. Bill Millios, their teacher, has commented that he has had to revise the curriculum because these students are learning so fast!

The performing arts call for studying drama and dance techniques with professional artists, performing live on stage, experimenting with creative sign language, and studying/celebrating the culture of Scotland. Students are learning about Scottish dance and a number of other traditions, such as traditional Scottish meals. Visiting the classroom, you can see students working on dance moves learning about movement and positioning on stage.

The visual arts emphasize drawing and painting skills. They started with charcoal line drawings and portraits. According to Mary Thornley, this year's Powrie V. Doctor chair and YSP instructor, “Drawing (or painting) out of doors is very difficult. It is unlike studio work where, for instance, they might be asked to draw a pot or arrangement in a fairly static, frozen environment. My students had to 'compose' where nothing was static.” Walking around campus or in classrooms, you can see students with charcoal-blackened hands and faces working on their drawings, talking about shading and light, smiling, and an electricity in the air.

Students in all three programs will be featuring their work in a YSP showcase on July 20.

Deaflympics Training Camp To Commence! From July 7-19, Gallaudet will host the Summer Deaflympics Training Camp for the USA team in preparation for the Deaflympics in Rome, Italy. To find out who will be participating, take a look at the team roster

Sports that will be part of this training camp include:

  • basketball (m/w)
  • bowling (m/w)
  • cycling
  • football (soccer)
  • team handball (m/w)
  • tennis (m/w)
  • track and field (m/w)
  • volleyball (m/w)
  • wrestling

(note: items marked with m/w are for both men and women).

Social activities include a welcome reception, party, workshops, movies, swimming, cybex and games such as sports trivia and a scavenger hunt.